Oct 3, 2013

31Days {Proving That I Can} Woes and Joys

"I'm sorry Mrs. Knepper, your computer has evidence of liquid damage and for us to proceed will cost $740.00."

I stood in the kitchen with my mouth open and I'm almost sure a fly flew by and thought about going in.

I couldn't believe what the "Genius" at Apple was telling me.

Fast forward to today where the kids and I spent almost two hours driving to pick up my Mac, figure out where to go next, get rerouted by construction and then discover our destination was CLOSED, LOCKED, NOT OPEN.

I sent this text to my husband: "I give up for today."

I decided not to let the woes of my first-world problem overtake the day and lay a stench on my beautiful October afternoon.

The kids and I sang in the car, told jokes and I watched as they raced their little training-wheeled selves on the bike trail. I just peeked outside and B is playing frisbee with all the kids.

No sir, that Mac is not going to get the best of me today.


  1. That's awful. I'm so sorry. I had to turn in my Mac when I quit teaching and I miss it almost more than my students.

  2. I hear you Lindsey...but I'm not giving up yet!!