Oct 4, 2013

31Days {Proving That I Can} Movie Night

After a long day of kids and messes Bryan and I laid down to watch a movie. Little miss spent had a sleepover and our boys were downstairs having "guy time" watching Star Wars and eating popcorn.

We watched The Social Network and I admit I was a little bored. The development and computer jargon didn't hold my attention. What did keep me interested was the fact that these were KIDS designing this billion dollar empire. 

When I was 20 years old all I wanted to do was finish college and meet "the one". I had no crazy ideas or amazing adventures rolling around in my mind.

But I sure have experienced some amazing changes and walked very difficult paths. I had no idea when I was walking those sidewalks at MTSU that my life would go in so many different directions. I would experience extreme pain, unbelievable joy and transformations that I never expected. 

I'm no Mark what's-his-name but I am blessed and thankful for the life I have. 

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