Oct 10, 2013

31Days {Proving That I Can} When My Schedule Needed a Schedule

This October is proving to be a challenge in so many ways. Our family's schedule is overly booked with many different obligations. I have taken on a position as a columnist and will be guest posting next week. Please know I am not complaining about these opportunities, they are amazing and I am so grateful.
And while I've been working on my new site (shh...don't tell!) the Macbook issue is still going strong.

I typed a 500-word post on my phone the other day. Yep, the Evernote App rocks. And I may be a little pressed for time.

All this to tell you I can't do this 31Days. My head is swimming and I feel overwhelmed. I've given myself a time limit of five minutes a day to crank these posts out and hopefully do it so you, my faithful reader, will still come back in November. So while my head tells I can't, my heart tells me to go for it:

Prove to yourself  that you can write for at least five minutes and make it mean something. 

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