Sep 15, 2013

Threadbare Mommas Welcome

When I was growing up all I wanted to do was be with my friends. We would have sleepovers, dress the same and talk the same. As I went through high school and college I lost touch with most of those girls but gained other friends that have become invaluable to me.

God wants us in community with one another. He connects us by using our children, life experiences and shared faith. When we open our lives to others and invite them into our joy and pain we are giving them permission to see us in real life, in real time, with real emotions.

This past February I was in search of Christian moms who were real, worn out and honest. I needed to know my walk as a mother was not unique enough to be singled out. I needed to know I was still loved even when I wanted to hide in the closet from my children and not come out!

I went searching online and stumbled upon (in)courage. The site held my attention as I watched the introductory video, read through blog posts, and then searched through the Community Groups. I read several descriptions about the different mom groups and stumbled upon one that had my name written all over it:

I was hesitant about joining but believed I needed this place. So I asked for an invitation and one was granted. Over the following weeks I met these ladies on the computer every day. I become familiar with their names, family situations, needs, wants, and more importantly their hearts. 

These ladies shared their very personal struggles, a genuine love for Christ and compassion for other women. There was no gossiping or making fun of other members. 

We encouraged the exhausted momma who came to us crying from the latest emotional battle with a child or spouse. 

We spoke scripture to the weary momma who felt like she had nothing left to give her family.

We stood in the gap for the broken momma who couldn't find the words to pray for herself.

We rejoiced with the happy momma when she found joy in the everyday grind of life.

And now I co-lead this group with four other amazing threadbare women.

So we gather once again this Fall to support mommas during this lifelong role. It may look differently for those who change diapers all day or have children driving themselves or who are  experiencing a partial empty nest, but being a mother connects us all.

"I joined the Threadbare Mommas group because I was in need of a safe community of believers and mommas that were just as worn and tired as I was." ~ Heidi

"It was so refreshing to come to a place where I could open my heart and know that everyone would understand, love, support and encourage me." ~Tanya

We've come a long way and are ready and waiting to meet you in this beautiful community of faith and motherhood!

Won't you join us?

One of our beautiful co-leaders Elissa also shares her reasons for joining our group and stepping out in faith to lead. Stop on over and read her story!

If you are interested in joining Threadbare Mommas please go HERE. You can also check out the other groups available over at (in)courage RIGHT HERE.

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  1. Me too Kimberly! I am so thankful God brought us together and you have joined the group. I can't wait to get started!!

  2. I am so very excited too. I can't wait to get to know these other women and be part of this community. :-)

  3. Oh yay Tina! So glad you are joining us.