Oct 5, 2013

31Days {Proving That I Can} Happy Saturday!

I normally don't post on the weekends, I save this precious time for family and sleep. But this Ocotber is different and I'm making myself post everyday to believe that I can write about anything, that I can share the little things, that I do have something to say.

Today we had my daughter's soccer game and my hubby is the coach/ref. Now before you think that's completely unfair you have to understand the league they play in. It's church, it's fun, it's to lay the foundation for good sportsmanship, it's fun...yeah I know I said that twice! 

Bryan has been involved with soccer since the age of four and is an amazing coach. The kids respond to him and the parents seem to really enjoy having him teach their children. Of course our daughter would rather catch butterflies then kick the ball but we're all learning and trying to show some patience. 

Our team scored several goals and the kids did a great job. I got to meet some other moms and each time we reach out others give to us and it feels great to be a part of such a loving community. 

This evening we went back to church for Saturday evening service and listened to Pastor. Ken talk about the toxic emotions we carry deep within our hearts. The opening. To the series was very cool and I was getting chills as the opening speech was given. 

Your heart is the essence of you. Are the words coming out of your mouth the exception or reflection of your heart? Some powerful thoughts from Pastor Ken. Can't wait for next week. 

Then we headed over to one of Bryan's co-worker's neighborhood. They host a block party each year and watch the Ohio State game on the side of their house. Very cool and lots of fun! 

So now our day is over and I'm sharing these moments that make up my life as a wife, mother and a member of this great little community that is quickly becoming part of our lives. 

Happy Saturday!!

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