Jun 27, 2013

A God-Sized Move (Series)

On Sunday, May 26th, 2013 our family left Tennessee as the sun was slowly rising. This day had been anticipated for months and it finally arrived. We spent the night before at my mom's since our place was empty. Bryan and I went to bed late and we were exhausted.

As I said goodbye to mom, I felt my stomach do flips. I was leaving her again, venturing off into a new life and hopefully a new beginning.

Bryan and I married June 16, 2012. That day was emotional for our families and us, of course! We both had been married before and felt the pain and loss of divorce. Joining hands that day we committed our lives and hearts to one another and Bryan became the father of my three children. 

Seven weeks later Bryan lost his job. I told him that night I would move if that's what needed to be done. After eight months of applying for jobs he was approached by a small engineering firm in Ohio. Seven weeks and three interviews later he was given an offer and we joyfully accepted. 

The next few weeks were filled with emotional goodbyes, preparations for the move, and a massive garage sale. God doubled the profit we hoped to gain and we were so excited! As the last few days approached I was anxious and ready to take the next step. Or rather, a giant leap!

Moving can be extremely traumatizing. Leaving your home, family, friends, your root system if you will, can leave scars deep inside. Our first week in Hilliard was extremely emotional for me and the kids. My daughter cried in bed while I was irritable and tired. I kept the kids busy everyday and posted plenty of happy photos on Facebook. 

Soon we joined a Meetup group and things slowly fell into place. We made friends at the pool, I talked to almost any adult that smiled at me, and our weekends became full of family time. I shared my feelings with my (in)courage group on Facebook and a sweet friend told me about a book that really helped her deal with the moving process five years ago. I ordered it right away. 

After the Boxes are Unpacked by Susan Miller has changed my whole perspective on this move. God was here before me, planning, cultivating, and preparing this season for our family. 

As I read through the pages I felt my heart open more and more toward our new home. We are still in the process of settling in but this book has helped me understand more of God's great work in our lives and how much He loves us!

It has only been a month and we all miss people from our old home. I am adjusting to the cloudiness of Ohio and how to get from point A to point B; thank goodness for GPS! Bryan's works long days while I stay home with our children and continue to create a home for us. 

It's been over four years since I've had a "normal" family life. I am so grateful God chose this journey for us. Whatever happens in the future I know He surrounds me always.

Please join me in this series as I continue to provide updates about how God is moving in our lives in Ohio. 


  1. Yay!!
    So glad you finally took the plunge into the blog-o-sphere! Your first couple of posts are great! Can't wait to see what else is brewing!

    1. Thank you, Elissa! I'm so excited to see where God will take this.

  2. Wow! My husband lost his job in May, and we really thought we would have to move. Fortunately, He got another job her a couple weeks ago, and we get to stay. A move may still be in our future as he doesn't really have the job he really wants. It's encouraging to know you've done it and are feeling good about it. I'll pray you continue to make friends and learn your way around and get joyfully settled.

  3. Traci, I know those fears all too well. I will be praying for your family and hoping God will show your husband where he needs to be.