Jun 25, 2013


Welcome to my first post! I'm beginning this blog because I have a strong desire to help support women who are dealing with trauma in their lives.

I'm here to give encouragement, a breather if you will, from the chaos that can so often hit us out of nowhere. God has redeemed the past seven years of my life and I want to share the good news with you. You may be thinking: What has this woman been through? She can't possibly understand how I feel. My life is so complicated and I feel alone.

 My friend, I have been through more than you know and I am standing tall, walking in God's grace and light. Jesus paid the price for my failures and fake attempts to prove I had everything together. Through postpartum depression, financial ruin, abandonment from my first husband, raising children on my own, and a slew of other crazy life events, I've experienced some serious lows and looked in every direction for a way out.

Yet God was with me the whole time guiding me,saving me,preparing me to share my story and to give Him the glory! A little background info: You've already gotten a small glimpse into my past but let me share with you my present. I am a wife to a pretty awesome guy who I truly believe is a miracle.
I have three children, two boys and a girl. These kids have been through it all with me and I thank God every.single.day. that they were young enough to not feel the everyday pain from the trauma.

I developed a passion for writing when I was young and am finally mustering up the courage to take the next step. I've blogged a few times before but it never felt quite right. I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education which I earned while raising my children without a Father. Single motherhood was one of the hardest seasons in my life.

 More on that later.

 I am here to share my joys and sorrows with you. I'm offering you my mistakes and successes and the knowledge that you can make it through those days when you feel threadbare, unable to think about tomorrow, and maybe wanting to forget about the day you just had.

 God is in the business of changing our circumstances into the most beautiful testimonies. I'm so glad you've joined me on this journey of healing and renewal. Please leave a comment and let me know your needs!


  1. YOU, my friend, are beautiful, brave, and so lovely! I am thrilled to pieces you are starting this journey. I can't wait to see you encourage others like you have me through our HelloMornings chats. Be blessed and encouraged!I am just coming out of a very difficult and emotionally traumatic part of my life as well, so I can't wait to see what you share.

  2. Thank you, Natalie!! I hope to be of help to you. Please know you are not alone and we can make it through this together! I will be praying for you my friend.

  3. Okay, you said comment! Be prepared! :) "God is in the business of changing our circumstances into the most beautiful testimonies." LOVE that!!