Oct 13, 2013

31Days {Proving That I Can} Stepping Away

Since I wrote about my family's schedule on Thursday I've been praying over what to do. I love writing and believe it's something God has placed in my heart.

I want to do it right and I need balance in my personal life. I've realized over the weekend that way too much of my time is going to things I don't really have a heart for.

My children need me and my presence has not been stellar on the home front these past few weeks.  As a mother I feel the pull to unplug from this series for sanity's sake of everyone involved.

When I make a commitment I intend to follow through. That's why I can no longer do this series. It was something I decided in haste and can admit it's not the best thing for me.

My series started out as "31 Reasons Why I Can't Do 31 Days" but I'm only giving you 13.

#13: I've let certain things get in the way of my main focus of family and writing from my heart. This can happen so easily and my time has become all consumed with too many things this month.

I'll still be in this place writing and sharing but doing it my way.

And I can't wait to show you my new space. It may look a lot like this one but it's a place for me to grow, for God to use me and for women to get encouraged which has always been my goal.


  1. AMEN Sarah! Focusing on what is most important is our first priority! Looking forward to seeing your new space!

  2. Thank you For the reassurance Barbie. At first it felt like I was giving up but I know it's not. Our main responsibilities are the most important and God was prompting me..I just needed to listen and follow through. Thanks for the support my friend!!


  3. Thank you so much Mia. Admitting weakness is never easy but I just couldn't pull it off anymore. Your support is so appreciated!!