Aug 3, 2013

Our Week(s) in Photos

So I'm combining photos from the past few weeks that I think are just too cute not to share. In the future I may do only one week at a time but who knows?! I'm constantly changing my mind about this whole blogging thing. Disclaimer: We spend most days at the pool when the sun is actually shining in Central Ohio which doesn't happen that often. Being a Tennessee girl I find this weather very hard to digest!

Last Saturday B and I went to Cedar Point, one of the biggest amusement parks in the nation. I discovered two things: My hubby and I need more time away and I am scared to death of giant roller coasters! I was crying as we got on, as we flipped and ripped through the sky, and as we pulled into dock to get off. B said I was a real trooper but by the end of the day I felt worn out from all the adrenaline running through my body. Next time I'll hold everyone's big slurpy cups and wave as they zip over my head!

Our youngest loves the pool but had to sit out for 10 days due to stitches in his head. He fell off a stool and hit the corner of a small bookshelf. Ouch! This was his first time prepping to get back in the water. He has the best smile E-V-E-R!

Our little girl was scared silly of the water at the beginning of the summer. B worked tirelessly with her and now she leaps into the water sans floaties and swims all over the place! It's so amazing to watch growth happen in S in such a short period of time. She is courageous and once she sets her mind to something there is no turning back!

We went with our local playgroup to a sheep farm and visited the creek. My oldest was so excited to get in the water with his clothes on. It was hilarious to see that big grin on his face like he was getting away with something. This boy has grown so much over this summer that I could just squeeze him so hard sometimes. I love that he is becoming more outgoing and trusting us to give him a normal life.

This summer my children have discovered playlists and that the music can be put on an actual disk...crazy, right?! I remember my first CD: Garth Brooks In Pieces. I played that thing over and over in my shiny loud boom box. I've made CD's for each kiddo and they blare them upstairs. Ohhh, the memories.

Since I recently started this blogging journey my mind seems to be constantly racing with ideas. I usually like to keep a notebook handy but sometimes post-its just do the trick. Do you see I have to remind myself to PRAY and RELAX? Those are not natural occurrences for me. Sometimes I need to put a post-it on my forehead so I see those words whenever I look in the mirror.

This is one of my favorite devotionals. Since I participate in Hello Mornings I try to read each day's assignment in Jesus Calling before I go to sleep at night. I love how Sarah Young strings Jesus' words together so eloquently.

And now for the finale...drum roll please! I am officially an Ohio resident! Not sure if the correct word is Ohioan, I was a Tennesseean for 23 years but Ohioan just sounds weird. We moved here in May and God has been blessing our socks off with unexpected surprises and cool friendships.

So these are just some highlights from our summer so far in our new town. I'm excited for the kids to start school and see where God leads us in this new season.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. I LOVE that you're officially an Ohio resident!! It's an amazing place to live!! Hope you're enjoying the weekend!! :)

    Kate @ Simply Be

  2. Thanks so much Katlin! Obviously you are from Ohio??

  3. Love this peek into your life, Sarah!

  4. Thanks Lindsey! I was fun to do.

  5. Great post! Love the pictures. Looks like we started blogging at roughly the same time. It's exciting, huh? I just went to a conference with the hello mornings ladies. They are awesome!
    Keep up the good work!!

  6. Thanks so much for visiting Emily! So glad you found my blog. It is pretty exciting!